Bilberry Black Hearts Barrel Aged Gin

A few lucky batches of our Bilberry Black Hearts Gin receive golden tickets to take a journey in new American white oak barrels. Uniquely different than traditional un-aged gin in that it starts to take of characteristics of whiskey which is known for aging in oak barrels. Our barrel-aged gin is aged in new white oak barrels for six months to a year. Many producers of aged gins will use used whiskey barrels or wine barrels for aging, but we prefer new American oak so that the gin itself doesn’t get masked by the influence of actual whiskey, but allows for the barrels to impart the unique flavors often found in whiskeys. The spirit rests in barrel for several months, masterfully blending the character of the wood with the bright botanicals. This is a whiskey drinker’s gin, with vanilla and oak joining the fruit and pine of the gin.

Bilberry Black Hearts Barrel Aged Gin


- Double-distillation from 100% organic Michigan wheat.
- 45% abv / 90 proof