Chicagoist’s Cider Of The Month: Old Country Goodness

November 24th, 2014
Chicagoist’s Cider Of The Month: Old Country Goodness

Old Country Goodness isn’t a traditional hard cider. Rather it’s fresh local Michigan cider spiked with Journeyman Distillery’s own delicious white whiskey and flavored with the kind of spices you’d find in a home-baked apple pie. They took it and put it in a growler, so lazy Holiday party hosts can worry about their roast beef or turkey instead of mixing cocktails.

The white whiskey it contains is their W.R. organic white whiskey, which is rye whiskey aged only 24 hours to grant it a very slight oaky flavor without giving it any color. While it looks a lot like moonshine, it’s way more balanced, which allows it to shine in cocktails like this.

While it already is a cocktail, you can add your own spin to it with some bitters, which can balance out the sweetness. Fee Brother’s Cranberry Bitters work really well. Or make your own cranberry bitters.

You can grab a jug of OCG at Binny’s or Lush. Or try a hot glass of it at The Publican.